Easy to use planning and scheduling software

PlanningPME – Easy-to-use planning and scheduling software

A professional organization needs tools to get the task at hand done quick but maybe more important: precise and efficient. Resource scheduling is such a task. Resource scheduling can be daunting task because of all the demands of clients and employees. You need to take into account that people get sick, want to go on holidays but also job-emergencies need to be planned. Planning and scheduling software that is being used by more than 3000 clients worldwide for over 10 years, that’s PlanningPME.

You can ask yourself:

Which employee is already doing a certain task?

And which one has the right skills for that specific job?

A client want to change the date of an appointment, where to?

How do I create quarterly reports of the things that I scheduled?

Your team needs a room to have a training, which room is available?

My boss wants me to have a meeting every 2 weeks, how do I implement this into the schedule?

All these questions can be answered and implemented in PlanningPME!




PlanningPME is an easy-to-use but powerful and professional planning and scheduling software for small and medium sized businesses


planning and scheduling software for small and medium sized businesses


Features of our planning and scheduling software

Multiple Printing Options

Search for jobs, skills & resources

Use teams and user groups

Create different departments

Generate reports and statistics

 Send emails to clients and staff

Share your schedule with out of office staff

Choose daily,monthly or yearly view

 Set reminders and notifications!


PlanningPME is easy-to-use planning and scheduling software being developed by Target Skills since 2002. This planning and scheduling software  is used by people that operate in branches like administrations, industries, IT, installations, but also entertainment and television. It’s because PlanningPME is and highly adaptable planning and scheduling software. The other reason is the price. PlanningPME is affordable and you will soon see a return on your investment. Try it now, download the free demo.


Track time of your employees!

Manage rooms, facilities, projects, appointments and meetings easily.

Run it smoothly through the company network

Powerful, highly adaptable, the planning and scheduling software will help you to run your business efficiently.


It’s an affordable price, you will soon return on your investments


 Local Installation

PlanningPME runs on a local computer and you can place the database in a network

  • Choose between an MS Access Database of MS SQL database
  • Share the schedule via PlanningPME Viewer
  • Real Time changes are visible almost immediately between your employees

In the cloud

For an even more easy and save option, you can choose to host your database with us.

  • It’s easy: The technical specifications are already in place
  • It’s quick: The only thing you need is a login and password
  • It’s save: The servers are save and secured with the highest standards used in the industry.