Scheduling Software

Resource scheduling software for your business



Some features

Send Email to your employee and clients

Work from anywhere any time

See different views, days, weeks months, and even years

Add comments to your jobs so that all details are known

See where your employees are on the map

Create different user groups for full control of your schedule




Easy-to-use planning and scheduling software

PlanningPME is very simple but very powerful resource scheduling software. The many features of PlanningPME guarantee that your schedule fits your business and scheduling needs. Considering the price you will soon return on your investment. PlanningPME has features like departments, skills, users and user groups, reporting to excel, realtime reporting for the scheduler, and many more.Try our demo for free!



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PlanningPME WebAccess

Online scheduling software: always and everywhere your schedule within reach!

PlanningPME WebAccess is your online scheduling software solution: you can see your schedule anytime, anywhere. Your employees can login through the web via personal login codes. No installation needed.

Online scheduling with PlanningPME WebAccess works perfectly in combination with PlanningPME Desktop and Mobile.  

Our online scheduling software has all the features a modern business needs: departments, skills, filters, reading and writing rights per user or user group. But also emailing and drag and dropping your jobs with the ease of a mouse click. Online scheduling was never so easy. Feel free to contact us for a free trial.

online resource scheduling software

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PlanningPME Mobile

With PlanningPME Mobile, plan one move ahead!

Your staff can now take the schedule anywhere. Let reminders pop-up on their phone or tablet. Let them see what the jobs are that need to be done.  Show them the latest changes with notifications. PlanningPME Mobile is available on iOS and Android. You can create jobs and take pictures with your device of the job at hand. It’s easy to send an autograph or picture to the schedule. More efficiency and more business. Download a trial now!


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Hire a consultant

PlanningPME UK also offers tailored demonstrations. Our consultants will demonstrate all the features of the software.

Ask for a quote without any strings attached.

Because we have years of experience with the software, it is recommended to hire a consultant to help you implement the software. Request a quote with no obligation whatsoever.

PlanningPME Viewer

PlanningPME Viewer is a supplementary program to PlanningPME. Using PlanningPME Viewer, your employees are limited to just view the schedule. You can set different reading rights to different people and groups so that the right people see the correct schedule.

Synchronize your schedule One-Way with your personal agenda!

PlanningPME HTML

PlanningPME HTML is a complementary program for PlanningPME. This program takes a snapshot of your schedule, it creates an HTML page, you can put on your web server so that all employees can see the schedule in a browser.

One price for all your employees!

From Excel to scheduling software

A lot of our new clients come to us because their excel schedule has become limited or too complex. We can help you and your business with our professional scheduling software. Efficient scheduling software is important for any company. It results in more efficiency and less headaches. Scheduling software by Target Skills is available from only  £419,- / €490,-

Is my online schedule save and secure?

Yes! Your online scheduling software is safe on the servers hosted in France. So the securities are of the highest standards that the industry can offer. You are responsible for sharing user login codes.

Can I lock my jobs/appointments?

Yes! Every user can lock a created task so that no one can change or delete this specific task. But you can also make your schedule secure by creating users and usergroups. Everything is logged in the logfile. Easy and secure, that’s PlanningPME

I would like to synchronize my schedule with Outlook

It’s very easy to connect your resource scheduling software with Microsoft Outlook. In PlanningPME you can just fill in the correct data and it will sync with your Outlook immediately.