Free Resource Scheduling Software

Free resource scheduling software

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PlanningPME Desktop is available for Windows. Do you want an online planner, one that can be used in every modern browser? Try PlanningPME WebAccess. Contact us:

Free Resource scheduling software


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Because we have over 10 years of expertise in scheduling and scheduling software, we can provide your business with resource scheduling software that suits your scheduling needs. PlanningPME is easy to use, highly customisable and powerful overall. PlanningPME is THE way to schedule your employees, staff and other resources.

You can import your clients, set alarms and reminders so that you will never miss a job or appointment. Search for skills or jobs, Inform your clients by email or send them a custom made letter. Create recurring tasks and schedule your other resources with a simple mouse click. Resource scheduling software that can be adapted to your needs for a affordable price is available, here at PlanningPME UK.

Free resource scheduling software

Free resource scheduling software