Training Scheduling Software

Training Scheduling Software

A company in the field of education is always improving and adapting to a world in which the demands are set high and the clients demand professional representatives from your organisation. Therefore it is vital to have a scheduling software solution that is easy to use but very powerful in the results.

A few scenario’s that can describe your organisation:

  • Your staff is most likely on their way right now to the location of your client; giving a training or providing other educational service needed for that particular client.
  • You probably need to know where a certain teacher or trainer is at a particular time.
  • You want to know if a trainer or teacher  is already booked or is on holiday
  • You want to know which assignment or training is used on the schedule compared to other ones.



As a scheduler in the field of education and learning you are looking for a tool that can be customised to your needs.


PlanningPME is an easy to use yet powerful Training Scheduling Software. Keep track of your trainers and trainings. Scheduling is easy with PlanningPME!