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Business planning software

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For your business you will need a professional planner. A planner that suit your planning needs. Let say you need to schedule your appointments, but with the appointment are certain requirements. These requirements are a specific project number, a specific set of skills, and an end-date.

This means you will need to set up each appointment with these requirements, and of course these will change over time. You will need is software for scheduling that can be adapted to your style of planning, your style of operations.

Every business has one or more planners on the payroll. They need to coordinate the work in such a way that every process and every decision regarding the schedule is made crystal clear. Trustworthy appointment software is vital. Your business depends on it. Professional planning software is necessary even for small companies with only a few employees.

We also offer online scheduling solutions, for example a browser based employee scheduling tool that is almost identical to the Windows desktop version. The online scheduling software that Target Skills developed can be used on all kinds of different operating systems. You just need a password and a login to access the reliable scheduling software.

Even your projects are managed with a couple of mouse clicks on both solutions. Either your planning projects of your clients or you’re planning projects for your own company. PlanningPME both online and the ‘offline’ version are both very good project scheduling solutions for your business. Ask about the setting if you need any help configuring your scheduling tool.

PlanningPME is used and loved by many. It’s business planning software that is used by more than 3000 clients worldwide. You can call PlanningPME either Resource Planning Software or Resource Scheduling Software. It’s all the same to us. Companies worldwide trust PlanningPME with there sensitive planning data. For over 10 years of experience all over the world.

Business planning software for small and medium sized businesses. Feel free to try out our demo.

PlanningPME can be used in all kinds of branches, for example:


PlanningPME is an easy-to-use employee/resource/project/staff scheduling software

business planning software

With PlanningPME Business planning software you can:

  • Create many departments
  • Assign skills to your staff
  • Create all kinds of projects
  • Drag & Drop jobs
  • Create reports to Excel
  • See cleary who is on what job with ease
  •  Schedule online
  • Schedule with mobile devices
  • Have a realtime calcalator while you plan
  • Send an email to your client and staff
  • Have different user-rights
  • Create extra fields and tables to your schedule. Power to you!!

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PlanningPME is an easy-to-use yet powerful project scheduling software

PlanningPME is an easy-to-use yet powerful client scheduling software

PlanningPME is an easy-to-use yet powerful staff scheduling software


PlanningPME can be used in all kinds of branches, for example: