Easy-to-use resource scheduling software

Resource scheduling can be a difficult task to do. PlanningPME will make your life easier. It’s easy and simple to use planning solution that has all the modern capabilities to provide your company a helping hand in your planning and scheduling needs.

PlanningPME has a beautiful interface, is highly customisable and powerful to implement. PlanningPME is a perfect way to schedule your employees, staff and other resources.

You can import your clients, set alarms and reminders so that you will never miss a job or appointment. Search for skills or jobs, Inform your clients by email or send them a custom made letter. Create recurring tasks and plan your other resources with a simple mouse click. Resource scheduling software that can be adapted to your needs for a affordable price is available, here at PlanningPME UK.


Staff planning is made easy with PlanningPME.



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Resource scheduling for your business. Get professional. Dump Excel

Desktop Scheduling

We can provide your business with desktop software so you can share it in a network. Use a MS Access database or MS SQL database, it’s easy to set up. PlanningPME for your business is planning and scheduling with ease. Try our demo for free. It has all the benefits of a professional planning software, for free.

Users will be able to see in real-time the changes that have been made by a colleague.

PlanningPME Desktop is an powerful resource scheduling software used by many companies around the world.

 Resource Planning Software

Online Scheduling

You can purchase an online web -address for your scheduling needs. Online scheduling is the future. No more installations and maintenance. But ready to go full functional and powerful resource scheduling software.

Users login on to a private location at www.planningpme.com and can schedule everything that is needed.

PlanningPME WebAccess is renewed so that powerful scheduling features are available everywhere and therefore can provide you with an easy to use resource scheduling solution

Mobile Planning Software

Mobile Scheduling

You can combine PlanningPME Desktop and PlanningPME WebAccess with PlanningPME Mobile. Resource scheduling on your mobile device. Now available on iOS and Android.

The scheduler can create jobs for specific technicians in the field and they know immediately when they need to do the task at hand.

Send an autograph and a signature to the schedule with the mobile device. Resource scheduling is now even more powerful!


Ask our clients:

We manage on a daily basis - Instrumentation usage, People resources / holidays / projects I have used PME for the last year and it has revolutionised the resourcing within the department, we are now able to effectively plan new projects coming into the department and give realistic timescales back to our customers.

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Allan W., Quality Manager
Planning PME is great, we are pleased with it, and have no complaints or problems from anyone. We are managing over 80 resources on it, and it is a very busy system, with appointments constantly being updated and changed! 

AUTORESTORE - Louise W., Business Analyst


Our resource scheduling software is used by professionals in the following fields


Resource Scheduling is Easy with PlanningPME!

With PlanningPME you can schedule your employees, your rooms, your cars; you can add skills to your employees to make sure you have the right person on the right task; you can see all the holidays and other non-work hours of your staff with one simple click. You can add projects and clients to your schedule and you can send your staff an email with the right information. PlanningPME can be used as management software, resource scheduling software,  workforce management software, and much more…

Frequently asked questions

Is PlanningPME suitable for our organisation?

PlanningPME has a lot of options. And it is highly adaptable. You can change important terminology in the schedule but also add new field, like date fields or integers and booleans. The software is used by all sort of branches and industries worldwide. Resource scheduling software must be easy to use because of it’s powerful features. PlanningPME is the almost perfect resource scheduling software

Can I try PlanningPME for free?

Yes you can download a trial version of PlanningPME from this site. Just press the green button and fill in the forms.

What are the main benefits of PlanningPME

If you compare PlanningPME to competitors, you can conclude that our resource software is cheaper and more adaptable compared to other products of today. PlanningPME exists for more then 10 years and therefore we have a lot experience and expertise.

Who uses PlanningPME

PlanningPME is used by all sorts of organisations. For example: Canon, Atos, UNIT4, Symantec and many more.


Desktop Scheduling

PlanningPME itself is powerful resource scheduling software that is being used by more than 3000 clients worldwide. This resource scheduling software is highly adaptable at first, but after implementation you will have an easy to use Resource Scheduling sofware for your organisation. With this software you can add skills to resources, create reports, zoom in and out of the schedule, create departments, set up users and user groups but also directly email your clients and resources if necessary. Try our free demo now


Online Scheduling

PlanningPME WebAccess is resource scheduling software that is available online via an internet browser. It’s  fully functional resource scheduling software for your organisation. You can schedule your employees, and they can see when they have a day off, when they need to do that specific job or when they are needed at the office.  This online resource scheduling software is available via a simple hyperlink. Just create your own logins and passwords and you are ready to go. You can test PlanningPME WebAccess for free for over two weeks! Send us an email now to set up your own location. Online resource scheduling  software is made easy with PlanningPME.


Mobile Scheduling

If you happen to be in an organisation that operates not only from an office or central location, but you also have to manage technical staff or other resources working in the region or district then you probably want to inform them about their own schedule. PlanningPME Mobile provides such a service. You can schedule your tasks on PlanningPME and in real-time your staff will be informed about changes or new appointments. Your staff can ask for an autograph from your client when the job is done. Everything synchronized quickly and with ease.